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What Are The Stages Of Parkinson’s Disease?


If you have a Parkinson’s disease, then you should know how your condition may unfold. Many people aren’t aware that they have Parkinson’s disease, mixing it with something else. In this case, you might want to know about the symptoms and what kind of an effect they will have on your life. There are some fundamental questions you should know the answers because Parkinson is not a basic disease and it’s hard to determine how will progress.

Why is hard to predict Parkinson’s disease?

When it comes to this disease, there are two mains symptoms you should pay attention to. One is your ability to move, and other is shaking and rigid muscles. Parkinson’s disease is often followed by symptoms of pain, loss of smell, dementia, and impairment of sleep. On the other hand, you won’t get all the symptoms at once, and you can’t predict how bad they will be, or how fast they will progress. For example, one person can have light tremors but experience severe dementia. Also, you may have significant tremors, but no additional symptoms. But, some people may experience all symptoms at once. The drugs that treat Parkinson’s disease work better for patients than others, and this is another reason what it’s hard to predict this disease.

What can you expect in the future

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you can expect the slow changes. The disease isn’t aggressive, and it has delayed progress. Again, it all depends on a person because it’s highly unpredictable. As the disease progresses, the symptoms become worse, and new ones appear along the way. If you are concerned about your lifespan, then rest assured because Parkinson’s doesn’t affect how long you will live. Within ten years, most people have at least one major issue, such as dementia of a physical disability.

Motor symptoms

Motor symptomsIn the beginning, tremors that happen might be mild and light, but as the disease progresses and comes into next stage, you will have a hard time leading a healthy life. If you are right-handed, it can significantly affect the quality of your life.

Mild stage – symptoms are a bother that doesn’t prevent you from doing everyday tasks. In this case, drugs work very well and keep the disease controlled. You might notice the lack of coordination between arms and legs, lack of facial expression, your legs feel heavy, handwriting getting smaller and you have stiff movement.

Moderate stage – in this stage, the diseases have progressed, and it usually happens between 3rd and 7th year. The drugs will have less and less influence. You will have troubles speaking, moving, swallowing and tremors will become severe.

Advanced stage – some people never reach this stage, but if they do, they are usually limited to a bed or wheelchair.