I’d Rather Be Sick: When The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease By Polly Volk Blitze


According to a current television commercial, an injectable contraceptive is 99.7 percent effective. With possible side effects like decreased sexual desire, convulsions, weight: gain, fatigue, acne, problems: with eyesight, rashes, depression and hot flashes — why wouldn’t it be? How can you have sex; when you’re an overweight, tired, semi-blared, depressed woman with acne, a bad headache and an occasional seizure?

Recently; Americans have been inundated by pharmaceutical advertising on television and radio.

Has it occurred to these companies that their ads might be counterproductive, considering that their products seem to cause more problems than they cure?

medication, my symptomsThis idea first struck me when I had the flu, complete with fever, congestion and a cough. I learned that by taking one prescription flu medication, my symptoms would be relieved, but that I was at risk of developing bronchitis and other upper-respiratory infections. No, thank you, I said.

I started noticing these ads, like the one for an allergy medication that shows a vibrant woman swirling around in gorgeous pollinated gardens. Music coaxes viewers into, this daydream of sneezeless springs, until a mile-a-minute voice-over cites all of the drug’s potential; side effects and complications during clinical trials. In some cases patients can become addicted to drugs used to relieve pain and are required to seek treatment from a drug rehab facility in Colorado.

Another allergy drug claims to offer 24-hour relief. But who wouldn’t prefer itchy eyes and a runny nose to pharyngitis, coughing and nervousness? Of course, if you’re nervous, you can take a drug that claims it will calm you down, but the possibility of sweating, sexual disorders and insomnia, however some might make you even more nervous. If you need something to treat the insomnia, you can try a drug to help you sleep, but there’s a chance you’ll wake up to chills, facial paralysis and tongue discoloration. allergy drug If you suffer from persistent heartburn, talk to your doctor about the pill advertised to give you complete heartburn-relief, possibly for 24 hours. But if you might need an extra dose after reading, you could get constipated, have incessant gas, feel confused and abnormally aggressive, with an irritable colon. After a battle with those side-effects, that initial heartburn might be a relief.

If a deluge of bowel and digestive troubles isn’t enough to make you ‘lose your appetite then maybe taking a particular medication for high cholesterol would be. Its side effects include chest pain, face edema, neck rigidity, amnesia, taste perversions, deafness and, oh, yes, impotence.

side-effectsWorrying about an illness can be harrying, and learning about the side effects of its’ treatment scary, nothing would be as daunting as hearing conflicting side effect of these medications. I have seen ads waging the prospective consumer/patient of diarrhea and constipation. What should you do, stock up on; rice or prunes?

Many people under the influence of commercials tend to neglect the side-effects of certain drugs. For some medications, we no longer need to have a prescription, which can be bad for many people because they don’t know how the drug works. They just go to a pharmacy and buy it.

Den Kerry

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