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How To Recognize The First Signs Of Parkinson Disease?


Parkinson disease often affects elderly people and many people fail to recognize the first signs. This is a progressive disease which influences person’s nervous system. It develops gradually and first starts with a slight tremor in one hand, which is barely noticeable. The leading cause why Parkinson disease develops is because specific nerve cells in the brain break down or die. So, if you think that some of your loved ones are affected, or you started to experience some strange symptoms, then here’s are some signs you should pay attention.


TremorHave you ever noticed a slight shaking in your fingers, hands or chin? One of the most common characteristics or Parkinson’s disease is when you experience tremor while you are relaxing or at rest. On the other hand, shaking can be usual if you are exposed to high stress, or you have been injured. Tremor can also be caused when you take some medicines that can affect your body.

Small handwriting

When you are writing something, have you paid attention to your writing, has it become much smaller than it was in the past? You may notice that size of your letters has become smaller and chanced in some way. This is called micrographia, and it’s also one of the indications that you are in an early stage of Parkinson disease. However, as you grow old, it is normal that your writing change or your hands become stiff.

Loss of smell

Parkinson’s-disease-movingHas your sense of smell changed recently? Do you have troubles smelling foods like bananas, pickles or alcohol? If this is the case, then you should ask your doctor about Parkinson disease. On the other hand, some conditions are normal. If you have been sick for a long time, or you are a long-term smoker, then you may experience problems with scents.

Moving and walking problems

Do you often experience stiff arms and legs? Have you notices that your arms don’t swing as they did in the past? Sometimes the stiffness can go away, the longer you walk, but, if it doesn’t, it can be a sign of Parkinson’s disease. Some of the early signs can be stiffness or pain in your shoulders and hips, and people often think that their legs are stuck to the floor. However, this doesn’t have mean anything; maybe you are suffering from another disease, such as arthritis. When it comes to the bones, you should explore several options before you conclude it’s Parkinson disease.

Masked face

Masked facePeople who are starting to develop a Parkinson disease often have a masked face or minimal facial expression. You may look like you are mad all the time, or you are in a bad mood, or even depressed. In this case, when you have troubles expressing happy emotions, you should consult your doctor regarding this disease. Some medicines can cause you to have a serious face, but as soon as you stop taking drugs, you should go back to the way you were before.